About a month ago, I wanted to let 2 young ladies @ my Doctor’s Office know how much I appreciate their kindness.  I have COPD, and must go in on a regular basis, to keep the disease in check.  Long ago, I used to make what stems from “African Wrap Dolls.”


I do my own version, and they are so much fun to make, see and give.  I brought the girls, each one Doll.  Only to be asked after my visit, if I would make some to sell.  I agreed and oh, my, first order one for a daughter;  next came the order for 10 more. and that increased to 13, in a MATTER OF MINUTES.


17 thoughts on “WRAP DOLLS

  1. So happy to hear you are back making the dolls. I have two of these that I treasure. One is a Maxine look-alike and the other is just this classy lady. Good Luck

    1. I got it, Ma. Ah bees so happy. You may get a note, saying it was approved. I have to approve, before they will allow, so, guess it’s a good thing??? Anyway, this is a good start for me. I know that it’ll be after the Holidays, when I get back to them, but, will for sure replace Miss Maddie’s, and who knows, maybe a new one for my MA.
      PS: Enjoyed our chat.

  2. Laura,
    You made one for my mom and she treasures it to this day.It is in her
    living room…Bravo for you. I know they will be a hit!! Mom will be 88
    on Dec 23.. We love you and miss u always. MERRY CHRISTMAS…
    Your friend

    1. I remember making her one, dear Anna. Where has our time gone. Remember Phyllis? SHe found me on Email about a month ago. Is a grandmother and lives in Louisiana, on the Mississippi Line. Thanks for such kind words. It’s been fun for me to make the Dolls again. Had forgotten how much, till I got back to it.
      I will go spend Christmas in Houston. Probably with Vicky, and our gathering will be Lunch on Christmas Eve. Everyone goes in so many directions.
      Happiest of all Christmases to all of you, and a special big HUG to Mama, please. I send my love, Laura

    1. Thanks, Della. Red is YOU!

      Remember how funny Joyce was? She categorized you and me and Elaine by the “fatness” of our hair! I think you won the prize, according to Joyce! She was so entertaining.

      Hopefully, after Christmas, I will get all of my friends a new 2000 version of my Dolls. Not to worry…yours will be RED.!

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