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When Amy Heinz rescued 19-pound Garrett from a raggedy shelter in Kansas, he was  hours away from being euthanized.

“He was at the shelter, just sitting there with a broken pelvis not getting any care,” she said.

She brought him to her shelter in Desoto, A Heinz 57 Pet Rescue, and then sent him to a foster home to regain the rest of his strength.  On his first day there, he slipped his collar on a walk and was gone.

Heinz wasn’t contacted until that night.

“If you can get out there immediately,” she said, “you have a good chance of seeing where he went. But the next step is to just paper the area with fliers, which we did.”

The fliers brought calls right away.  Garrett was seen near the Merle Hay Cemetery, then he headed north.  Someone saw him near the skating rink on Meredith, then at Hyperion Golf Club.

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