There’s how to’s for African Head Wrap of People, but this is how to make the African Wrap Doll!

I’ve been making these for years. This presentation is indeed, excellent. Easy directions. You can make these your own, using just a bit of your imagination! Give these Dolls a try….you’ll be hooked.

Pictorial 4 the Photogenic

Black sleepy-eye doll

Everyday I hear something new…There are African head wraps….
then there are African Wrap dolls. I heard of Black dolls
but not African Wrap dolls until now. It’s made in a very
beautiful image to compliment the
beautiful image black people walk around with.

Angela Briggs is the diligent young woman creating
these African wrap dolls to reflect her history and her
love for nature and recycling. She searches through outdoors
for branches,twigs, leaves,pods,etc. And we know how much
our fellow African peoples love wearing nature. But yes,
she uses those as acecessories for her dolls and gathers
beads and buttons from the nearest thrift store. We know
that thrift stores can carry the best stuff, both new and

She searches throughout fabric dumpsters for scraps and
remnants to be used as filler and also for the dolls’
clothing. Briggs teaches about her craft at an art center,

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