A DECADE, LESS TWO…..In other words, 8 years!

Way back in time, well, seems WAY back to me, anyway;  I turned 30.  I knew my life was about to change, and soon, too.

This was July 27, 1975 and my Divorce was finalized on October 29, 1975!  Soon? Darn straight!

I worked at some temporary jobs, to supplement the pittance, that my children’s Father was FORCED to give.  I say forced, because that “wonderful” human being, thought that he should be able to DONATE when and how much, he deemed necessary.

It was so disheartening, to hear these harsh words.  Neither of us ever doubted the paternity status, of our children.  Given his adulterous activity of late, I thanked God that no such temptations had ever entered my realm of behavior.  The kids were his.  The infidelity was his, and the obligation to support his children, was also his.  So said the Courts.  So verified the Judge!


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