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My Polluted Heart

Originally posted on tiberjudy:
?It took me a while, but I finally read all of the Pope’s latest encyclical “Laudato Si”(“Praise be to You”) released this week. The one bit that I can’t stop thinking about is that the world we live in “out there” is a reflection of our hearts “in here.” If we…

There’s how to’s for African Head Wrap of People, but this is how to make the African Wrap Doll!

Originally posted on Pictorial 4 the Photogenic:
Everyday I hear something new…There are African head wraps…. then there are African Wrap dolls. I heard of Black dolls but not African Wrap dolls until now. It’s made in a very beautiful image to compliment the beautiful image black people walk around with. Angela Briggs is the diligent…